Alpha Building Inspectors serve as "Project Champions" to maintain a clear direction for all Project Team members with respect to construction details, utilities systems designs and specifications as well as cGMP requirements. Through design review, consultation, installation supervision, and witnessing field tests, ABI engineers and technicians champion your project in a way that makes building systems startup, commissioning and project turn over go smooth. ABI subscribes to the Team approach to Project participation as outlined in Team Alpha Philosophy. Our approach is consistent with the ISPE Baseline Guide and ASHRAE's Guideline 4.
ABI personnel possess a profound knowledge and understanding of construction practices and building/mechanical codes. Furthermore, we possess a strong background in the regulatory requirements as enforced by the FDA and other regulatory agencies, both domestic and foreign.
  Whether HVAC controls, water for injection, clean steam, high purity gases, or non-critical utilities such as hot water, chilled water, low temperature storage and other systems, ABI engineers and technicians are prepared to supplement or lead your Team to total project success.
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