Senior Consultant / Containment Specialist


Mr. Wilkins is one of the foremost world authorities on potent compound containment and aseptic process isolators. Over thirty years experience in the specialized field of Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms and associated processes and equipment, he has been involved with building redevelopment for cleanroom and advanced technology use. Mr. Wilkins has a track record of successful projects for pharmaceutical companies involving drug metabolism, animal facilities, large quantity fume hood development, and high containment pilot plant and site master plan development.

In 1991 Mr. Wilkins founded a company in the United Kingdom specializing in isolators for potent and aseptic pharmaceutical processing. It was later acquired by Tanshire Holdings and now Kynoch PLC. Responsible positions held were Managing Director and Business Development. He also guided new technologies development and managed new concepts. In this position, Julian is responsible for several developments and inventions such as:

  • Double Chamber Offload requiring a 200 nannograms OEL limit
  • Aseptic Potent Formulation type tested and manufactured for stability trials
  • Aseptic liquid transfer system co-patented by Mr. Wilkins
  • Worlds first contained aseptic syringe filling in an unclassified room with FDA and EEC product approval for non-terminally sterilizable vaccines
  • Aseptic Nitrogen environment Offload of Cephalosporins with six units and many other developments.

Mr. Wilkins is a qualified Architect in the United Kingdom, educated at Oxford School of Architecture 1966-72.

He is a member of the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE), founding member of the UK affiliation, Committee Person of the year in 1991, and member of the, Education, Membership and currently the Marketing Advisory Council committees.

Mr. Wilkins has lectured and authored many papers on potent compound containment and isolators for aseptic processes.

A proven track record in Project Team Management, equipment specifications to meet room environmental requirements, and complete design packages for equipment installation to meet current Good Manufacturing Practices.


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